Saturday, 13 October 2012

Home Made Rose water For Fresh Skin

Now a days a lot of  rose water are available in market but most of them are not pure. So why don't you make Rose Water at you home in front of your eyes and this will be pure as you will prepare it at your home.
Things needed to make Home Made Rose Water are:

    1: Rose Patel's 1/2 kg
        2: Mineral Water 1 1/2 Litter

Wash Rose Petals so that no dust remain on them Boil water and when water start boiling switch off flame and add add Rose Petals in it and cover with lid. leave it till it become cool at room temperature. Now drain water in a spray bottle and put it in fridge and spray on your 3 4 time a day and let it dry naturally. you skin will become fresh by using this Rose Water.

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