Thursday, 18 October 2012

Aspirin / Dispirin Mask For Acne

Aspirin /  Dispirin is an excellent treatment for acne and itchy patches. In fact, 87% of women tried it again as it works wonderfully on acne and itchy patches. I have my own experience of using it on my acne and i got rid of it.
This is the method how it works and can be use full for you also.

Things need to make this mask are:

# 1: Warm Honey or Almond, Olive or Coconut Oil 1/2 Tsp
# 2: Aspirin / Dispirin 1-3 (depending on area covered by Acne)
# 3: Water (to make paste)

Method of preparation:

*Crush Aspirin / Dispirin by rolling a glass cup or coffee up on Aspirin / Dispirin Tablets. Place crushed *Aspirin or Dispirin in a shallow plate or dish.
*Add few drops of Water to dissolve Aspirin.
*Now add 1/2 Tsp of Honey in it and make a paste.
*Apply this Paste on acne area and itchy patches.
*Leave to Dry and wash with plain water.
*You will get rid of acne and itchy skin within some uses.

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