Saturday, 3 November 2012

Home Made Wheat Germ Moisturizer

To keep our skin healthy we must use a moisturizer. Moisturizers keep our skin in being  healthy and balance the water level of our skin.
The moisturizer I am going to tell you here is not only cheap , it also works on your skin very well and make your skin soft and don't leave it dry. 

 Things need to make this moisturizer are :
 * Wheat germ oil 3 Tbsp
 * Honey 3 Tbsp
 * Witch Hazel 1 ounce
 * Rose Water 1/2 ounce
 How to make it :
Blend all ingredients until it turn into cream . Put this cream in a jar and store in refrigerator. Use this moisturizer after shower daily. This Moisturizer can be used in whole body so that your skin become soft and moisturized.

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